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Hi Sam, maybe it would make sense to have another subdomain of barcampbank.com like http://bankingvrm.barcampbank.com pointing at http://www.wikiservice.at/fractal/wikidev.cgi?EN/BankingVRM to send and refer the link around? -- FredericBaud

Sure. I think I'll go ahead and make one for P2PLending, too. -- SamRose

Thanks Sam. I've dressed up P2PLending with standard BarCampBank look. Now the difficult part is to get some momentum to get the English branch going. Jean-Christophe, maybe the right time to start promoting your work to the English-speaking community? -- FredericBaud

Got reirects done. I will definitely help try an dget some meomentum going in the new branches. I need to comb through my research and archives a bit and see what I can come up with. -- SamRose

01/20/07 : About License

Frederic, some notes who could help pehraps ?

  1. Added rel-license Microformat in the footer : cc 2.5. has been chosen just to avoid any future copyright trap in the WikiNet. Future contributors in this BarCampBank's AbsorptionGroup could personalize their content via Context setting. Each page in this group can be personalized.
  2. Workspace identity has been reworked with a background color (pink) to be sure not to confuse this BankingVRM workspace with any other workspace affiliated or in the neighbourhood of BarCampBank.
Any suggestion welcome -- ChristopheDucamp January 20, 2007 9:41 CET

I agree with the use of a standard license in an AbsorptionGroup. I think we should spend time some day to delve into the subject (at least I should do it for myself) and see what options of CC 2.5 we would like to adopt most of the time.

I also agree with selecting a different background color for absorption groups (although I don't fully understand why this one is pink and PinkoMarketing is purple). Nevertheless, I would think AbsorptionGroups as affiliated and certainly in the neighborhood of BarCampBank, not as groups at the core of BarCampBank (like WorkGroups) but being on the fringe to absorb and crosspollinate with other movements. So that's why for me it makes sense to have a different background color, the BarCampBank logo and PinkoMarketing ribbon. Cheers -- FredericBaud

I like all of the ideas (AbsorptionGroup, colors, logos, etc etc). I had not heard of the exact concept of VRM (Vendor Relatonship Management prior to reading this. Although, the idea of Open Business as I've been applying it is similar in some respects.

At BarCamp:VRM, we see the question: "What's needed for VRM to work?"

And then the following is proposed: "There are a number of technical things that are needed: a robust way for customers to manage their own OnlineIdentities without getting trapped in any vendor's silo, a way for customers to only share the aspects of identity that they want to share with a particular vendor (perhaps anonymously), and a robust way for vendors to interact with those customers. But more importantly than the technical aspects, the cultural shift of actually putting the customer in charge may end up being the largest challenge."

It seems to me that the OnlineIdentities issue can be plausibly solved with OpenID. Although, there are still some real issues in using OpenID in e-commerce settings. I am exploring this at OpenIDEcomm wiki, and will be inviting some people from the OpenID communities to participate there soon, in brainstorming the problem.

It has also been suggested that a way for vendors to interact with customers can be for them to publish their offerings in MicroFormat. I am not aware of an actual MicroFormat standard that exists that can accomplish this, but it seems plausible. Even a simpe XML feed from vendors could accomplish this, it seems to me.

I think the cultural shift is not as big an issue as the paragraph quoted above makes it out to be. I think that if useable tools exist, that people will gladly use them. I think that Froogle, ebay, Amazon, etc are already some existing examples of VRM. They are only missing a decentralized identity system, and a decentralized, secure, and verifiable financial exchange system. -- SamRose


BankingVRM is a term coined this morning by FredericBaud as a suggestion for a new BarCampBank's AbsorptionGroup. BankingVRM's Forum is now opened. Let's consider it as a jam-session opened to future contributors and PageMaintainers. -- ChristopheDucamp January 19, 2007 12:11 CET

BankingVRM is the canonical name of a future BarCampBank's AbsorptionGroup dedicated to explore the uses of VRM in bank and finance

What is VRM ?

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